Are you moving to Monmouth County and want to know what some of the best beaches are? In this episode of Monmouth Redefined, I’m going to give you four beaches here in Monmouth County that you may want to check out. We’ll look at each beach’s location and amenities so you know exactly where to have your summer fun.

East Coast Beaches

When people move out to the East Coast, they don’t usually think that beach life could be a thing. Here in Monmouth County, however, we have some of the most beautiful beaches. We enjoy them, not only in the summer but in the spring and fall as well.

We’re going to walk you through four beaches, two that are more action-packed and fast-paced and two that are more relaxing and peaceful.

Long Branch

The first beach I want you to know about is Long Branch. I love Long Branch Beach for many reasons. I got married in Long Branch at the Ocean Place, a hotel located directly on the beach.

My wedding was supposed to be on the beach, but it rained so heavily that day and the winds were so bad we had to move the wedding inside. Although I didn’t get my dream wedding on the beach, it was still a beautiful and amazing day.

Long Branch is located off of Route 36 on Ocean Avenue. If you go even further east on Ocean Avenue, there are several other beaches as well. You have Monmouth Beach, the Highlands, Sea Bright, and Sandy Hook, all within Long Branch.

Pier Village

Across from the beach is Pier Village, which not only has residential beachfront properties but also shopping and restaurants. One of my favorite places to eat in Pier Village is Tony Boloney’s. They have the most amazing wings, great pizza, salads, and sandwiches.

Right down the street, they also have an ice cream shop and an arcade for the kids. As for shopping, there are several boutique shops within Pier Village. One of my favorites is Molly & Zoey.

Beach Activities

Around the corner from Pier village, there are two hotels: the Bungalow and the Wave Resort. The boardwalk at Long Branch is great. It’s very big, it’s wide, and you will often see people jogging, running, or walking their dogs.

Long Branch is definitely a place you can spend the entire day and night, enjoying all of the activities and all that the town offers.

Asbury Park

The next beach I’d like to tell you about is Asbury Park. This beach has become a very popular town here in Monmouth County over the last several years. Just like Long Branch, Asbury Park offers a boardwalk, shopping, restaurants, and great nightlife.

Activities And Amenities

The Stone Pony is probably the most well-known and popular venue in Asbury Park. It opened its doors in 1974, with locals like Bruce Springsteen and Southside Johnny helping to put it on the map. Asbury Park has a variety of top-rated restaurants, many located right on the boardwalk and others inside the town itself.

Asbury Park also has shopping and boutique stores, though you’ll find that the stores tend to be a little bit more eccentric than they are in Long Branch. Just walking down the boardwalk in Asbury Park is truly enjoyable.

Arts And Culture

As you walk up and down the boardwalk, you will see the vibrant, beautiful murals that have been painted throughout. I have taken my kids several times throughout the years to have their photos taken in Asbury Park. The hand-painted murals make for amazing photo backgrounds.

Asbury Park also hosts several events throughout the year. The two big ones that they have in the summer are the Jazz Festival and the oyster festival. Asbury Park is a very unique town located right here in Monmouth County, and it offers great experiences for both kids and adults.

Both Long Branch and Asbury Park are gorgeous beaches and offer an array of activities and attractions. You will find that both of these beaches are lively, fast-paced, and action-packed.


If you’re looking for a beach that’s a little less crowded, wider, and more relaxing, I’m going to recommend both Avon and Sea Girt. First, let’s take a closer look at Avon.

Quiet Charm

Avon is located at the most southern tip of Monmouth County between Bradley Beach and Belmar. It’s a smaller beach spanning only about seven or eight blocks and is definitely much quieter than Long Branch and Asbury Park beaches. The beach is full of families and seniors and offers a more reserved and relaxed atmosphere.

The town itself is very quaint. Driving through, you will notice the gorgeous Victorian-style homes throughout. Although Avon Beach is not quite as well known as many other beaches here in Monmouth County, it definitely has quite a charming personality of its own.

The Columns

The town does have bars, though it doesn’t offer much nightlife. Probably the most popular bar and restaurant in Avon is The Columns. Located across the street from the beach, it was established back in 1883. Along with The Columns being both a restaurant and bar, it is also a venue for weddings and other events.

The Columns offers everything from hamburgers to lobsters. Throughout the summer, they have entertainment with bands and DJs as well. Overall, the beach at Avon is a place you go when you’re looking to relax, eat some seafood, watch the waves, and enjoy the ocean.

Sea Girt

The fourth beach I’m going to suggest is also quieter, smaller, and similar to Avon: Sea Girt Beach. Sea Girt is located between Spring Lake and Manasquan. It features a gorgeous beach with a small boardwalk and a pavilion.

Small-Town Seaside Living

The beach in Sea Girt begins at the historic Sea Girt Lighthouse, which offers truly amazing panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean. The beach and boardwalk are open year-round and, although the beach is known to have quite a lot of rules, they’ve helped make it one of the cleanest, safest, and visually appealing beaches in the area.

Sea Girt offers a very low-key, peaceful atmosphere. You’ll find many couples and families who come to enjoy the sun and sand at Sea Girt Beach. The town itself offers small hometown charm and a rich community life. Known to be both one of the most expensive zip codes, Sea Girt is one of the most sought-after towns to retire in here in Monmouth County.

The Parker House

The Parker House is located in Sea Girt, which is a very well-known bar and restaurant. In fact, when I was in my 20s and living at the shore on the weekends with my girlfriends, the Parker House was our favorite. They have an upstairs and a downstairs area, and the line to get in the door on the weekends often runs around the block.

Every Memorial Day weekend, my friends and I would wait for hours in line and pay a lot of money to get the exclusive VIP Parker House Pass. Once we had it in our hands, it allowed us to skip the line and get in the door.

The Parker House is a historic place within Sea Girt, built in 1878 before Sea Girt was ever officially a town. It is a family business that has been owned by three families and is a go-to for food and drinks if you’re visiting Sea Girt.

Enjoy New Jersey’s Beaches

I hope you enjoyed this look at four of the best beaches here in Monmouth County. I recommend Asbury Park and Long Branch if you’re looking for more of a fast-paced atmosphere with entertainment and shopping. If you want a quieter, more relaxed day at the beach, Avon and Sea Girt are great options.

The beaches here in Monmouth County and throughout New Jersey are one of the reasons that I love living here so much. There are so many different beaches you can explore, and all of them offer you something different. If you would like further information on other beaches here in Monmouth County or just want general information about the area, feel free to reach out to me and I’ll be happy to help.

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