There are several options to choose from when it comes to working out.  Below are some of my favorite local places that are near Freehold New Jersey

Pure Barre Manalapan

Pure Barre Manalapan is a total body workout.  Something I have never experienced before.  I will admit I wasn’t a fan of the first class I attended.  It took some time for me to “get it” as it’s a completely different workout from anything I had ever done.  But, after a few classes – I was addicted. 

The workout is about 50 minutes long. Although you don’t sweat the way you do with other intense workouts, you find that it works your body and muscles in a way like never before.  A ballet barre, light weights, bands, and exercise balls are used for many of the exercises. Your muscles will shake throughout many of the exercises.  I found that after the first month or so it became easier.

 The Manalapan studio is beautiful, clean and modern.  It is located off Route 9 in the Towne Pointe Shopping Center. You will also find that the owners and staff are very helpful and friendly.  I would encourage anyone looking for a challenging, new way to workout to give it a try!   

If you want to take it up a notch and include heat with your workout – I absolutely recommend:

Hot and Soul Yoga and Barre

They have 2 Studio locations: Middletown and Colts Neck.  I attend classes in the Colts Neck studio.  My favorite classes are the Hot Barre and Hot & Soul 26 yoga.  The hot barre is offered in 2 versions: an express class for 45 minutes as well as a 1 hour version.  The Hot & Soul 26 is based off of the Bikram series that is also done in the heat and is offered in both a 1 hour class as well as a 75 minute class.  The Colts Neck studio was recently opened in January 2019 and is off  Route 34 near Dunkin Donuts.  The studio is new and clean and all the instructors are personable and extremely helpful.  You will definitely SWEAT so make sure to hydrate prior and bring lots of water to drink during class. 

If you prefer small/medium group training I highly suggest

Orange Theory – Marlboro 

I currently workout at the Marlboro location located off Route 9 in the Kohl’s shopping center, however, another location will be opening soon in Freehold near Pond Road.  This is a 1-hour workout and it seems to go by very quickly! Both cardio and strength are focused on in this “group style” workout.   The cardio segment consists of treadmills and rowing machines and the strengthening can include free weights, TRX suspension, medicine balls, etc.. The typical class involves 1/2 of the group performing their cardio while the other 1/2 does the weights, TRX, etc.. then alternating.  The class is led by a trainer who is providing guidance, encouragement, and motivation throughout the workout. 

Orange Theory believes in 5 zone heart rate based interval training techniques. The goal is to reach a minimum of 12 minutes in Zones 4 and 5, which achieves EPOC – Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption.  EPOC is said to produce an “afterburn” effect which leads to burning more calories post workout.  They sell their own heart rate monitors which allow you to see real-time data during your workout. You must register for the classes. The morning classes are typically filled well in advance.  I feel Orange Theory is a great way to mix up your workout routine while receiving motivation that you would like only receive from a personal trainer.

As for Local gyms in the area – there are several. I have been a member of NYSC in Marlboro for what seems like FOREVER! Some others in the area include:

Crunch Fitness Marlboro/Old Bridge – Located in the Shoppes at Old Bridge, this gym has changed owners over the last few years but I hear very positive things about the gym, classes and upkeep with the equipment.

Jersey Strong – They have a location in Manalapan as well as Freehold New Jersey- I have heard that Bruce Springsteen actually works at the Freehold location!

Centrastate Fitness – Located within CentraState Hospital. Years ago, I worked out here. It is a very well kept facility with lots of classes, complimentary childcare and indoor gym.

Planet Fitness – I have never been to this gym but I believe it is one of the more reasonably priced gyms. They don’t offer any classes so if you are not one for classes this may be a great option. Also, the Freehold New Jersey and Marlboro location are open 24 hours during the weekdays, so you can never use work as an excuse to NOT workout.

Ultimately, where you workout doesn’t matter. The key is to just DO IT and eventually it becomes a habit. I promise you will feel so much better on the days you do.

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