Dear Monmouth County moms of teenagers, you are not alone in your struggle to find things to do with your teen. Rest assured that if you live in or near Monmouth County and you have a teen, there is hope! There are TONS of things to do that Monmouth County teens can enjoy, be safe, and not cost you a fortune.

iPlay America – Freehold NJ in Monmouth County

For those who have never been, iPlay America is an indoor amusement park with activities like laser tag and go-karts. If you live in Manalapan NJ, Freehold NJ, or Marlboro NJ. There is a chance that your teen may be bored with iPlay by now and think it is just for kids. Don’t worry! iPlay America is constantly having special events like concerts and comedians. Even if your teen doesn’t want to play arcade games at the #1 Monmouth County arcade, there is still hope for them in enjoying iPlay!

Monmouth County Library – Manalapan New Jersey in Monmouth County

Okay so if you are a mom in Monmouth County you are probably rolling your eyes at the idea of your teen going a Monmouth County Library for fun. But hear me out! The Monmouth County Library has an entire series of events at various libraries across Monmouth County. They are just for teenagers and they honestly sound pretty cool. For example, the Holmdel Library branch has an event all about virtual reality. The Manalapan Library (the Monmouth County Library Headquarters) is having a dance party. Click here to see upcoming events for teens at a Monmouth County Library.

Do an Escape Room – Long Branch NJ

If you have not heard of the trend, Escape Rooms are essentially giant interactive puzzles. You have one hour to work as a team to find clues, solve riddles, and open locks in order to escape the room. (Don’t worry, you are never actually trapped!) These are such great family fun! The escape room that I linked to is located in Long Branch. This one, in particular, is extremely popular with Monmouth County teens. However, there are tons of escape rooms located in Monmouth County. Each location has its own twist with different themes of rooms. There are locations in Freehold NJ, Red Bank NJ, and more.

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