Best Restaurants Manalapan NJ

Peking Pavilion – Manalapan NJ

 Manalapan Restaurant Peking Pavilion is one of the Best Chinese Restaurants in town.  Because it is a higher quality version of P. F. Chang’s,  thats the best way to describe The food. However Peking Pavilion is tastier. The Best Chinese Food restaurant Manalapan NJ with there Amazing large portions, and the ambiance is overall better. Therefore if you like Manalapan check out the Best Chinese Food Restaurants and P. F. Chang’s then you will love Peking Pavilion Manalapan, NJ. The Best Chinese Food restaurant Manalapan NJ.

My favorite of the Best Manalapan Chinese food from Peking Pavilion menu is the Crispy Duck L’Orange. Once your food come out to the table, It is enough food for 3 people. However you are not going to want to share the best Chinese food Manalapan has to offer.  Plus,  it’s freshly made with organic chicken.

Turning Point – Manalapan NJ

 Manalapan’s Turning Point Restaurants Has many locations throughout New Jersey, One of my favorites is right here in Manalapan in the Wegmans shopping center. Therefor it makes this list because it practically has a cult following in Restaurants Manalapan NJ. Yes, it is that good. However with that being said, don’t wait until you are about to pass out from hunger to arrive. Because there will be a pretty long wait time.

The Turning Point Restaurants Manalapan has many tasty choice to choose from. However my favorite is the bacon lollipops. Amazing food is really worth the wait to get seated. Everything is absolutely delicious, like anything on the menu. But to be honest, I love it just because it’s such a silly concept.

Nonna’s Citi Cucina – Manalapan NJ

For starters, I highly recommend going here for Lunch. You get the same quality of food as the classic Italian dinner but with a fraction of the rush, crowds, people shouting, etc. that comes with dinner time in a large Italian restaurant Manalapan NJ. Not to mention but the prices on the lunch menu are such a great deal.

I recommend getting the Rigatoni & Meatballs off the lunch menu- only $12 and it comes with a soup or salad. It really tastes like a high-end New York City dish for about one-third of the price!

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