Manalapan Day Camp Comparison

Thinking About Manalapan Day Camps already? Though summer feels like it is so far away, it is already time to start thinking about where to send the kids for day camp this year. There are so many choices of Manalapan Day Camps and even more factors that go into choosing a day camp. I am going to try to make it easier for you and narrow it down.

For consistency, we are going to be looking at prices for programs at Manalapan Day Camps that are 5 days a week for 7 weeks. This isn’t including possible expenses like transportation or extra hours.

Manalapan Recreation – Day Camp

If you register before May 12, it costs $635 for children in kindergarten through 7th grade. This does not include lunch. Manalapan Recreation is by far the cheapest. If your child is not fussy, this is the clear option. At the end of the day, children don’t need much to be happy. They really just want to hang out with other kids. Plus, if your child is in a public school, most of their school friends are going to be going here.

Country Roads – Day Camp

For a child in 2nd to 7th grade it would cost $4,590. For the lowest priced private day camp of the list, Country Roads really does have a lot to offer! They have your classic day camp pools and water slides but they also have things like a full-sized Trapeze and a Ninja Warrior course. Definitely a well-priced camp!

Black Bear Lake – Manalapan NJ Area

Technically not a Manalapan Day Camp but close enough to make the list, Black Bear charges $4,825 for 7 weeks for children in grades 1 through 10. The most important thing to note about Black Bear Lake is that the price of trips is already included! Most camps tack on the price of offsite trips as a sort of hidden fee but Black Bear is all-inclusive.

Frogbridge – Manalapan NJ Area

Again, though not technically a Manalapan Day Camp, I can almost guarantee that every parent in Manalapan knows someone who sends their child to Frogbridge. For a child in 1st to 7th grade, it would cost $4,895. Frogbridge really has the best blend of styles of camp. You have your elements of classic camps like boating and fishing. But there are also tons of indoor activities like crafts and a gymnasium. Plus very modern activities like laser tag. While Frogbridge is the priciest of the four, it definitely offers the most.

At the end of the day, there is no “right” option for a day camp. It is ultimately about finding what is best for you and your child. I hope compiling this research has helped you in your search for your child’s second home this summer and I wish you the best of luck!