Checklist for moving into a new home

For starters, congratulations on moving into a home! Whether this is your first time or your fifth time, moving into a home is a time consuming but exciting journey. You may be asking yourself what to do when moving from one place to another. My goal is to help you make your move to Monmouth County as easy as possible with this to do list for moving. Without further ado, here is your moving to do list for Monmouth County! 

What to do before moving

Let’s begin with the overall checklist for moving into another home! Be sure to customize these moving list items depending on your personal situation: living with parents, home office, specialized work spaces, etc. Without further ado, here are Things to do Before You Move Checklist

6 Week Moving Checklist

  1. Plan your packing – the obvious first on the checklist for moving into another home is to pack your belongings. But the not-so-obvious part would be to plan out your packing. You should plan to spend a day committed to each room of your home and then add one more to tie up loose ends.
  2. Pick your moving company – Be sure to ask friends for recommendations, do your research, and compare prices. Alternatively- gather up friends that are kind enough to help you with the big move!

Moving in 2 Weeks Checklist

  1. Fix up your last place – This is on the moving essentials checklist for anyone but ESPECIALLY renters! If you are hoping to get your deposit check back, be sure to patch up your place before moving: patch wall holes, clean carpets, etc. 
  2. Yard Sale or Donation Drop Off – At this point in the “Things to do before you move checklist” you will have the bulk of your packing done. You will come across plenty of things in your home that are not worth bringing but not worth tossing out. Be sure to handle this pile well before you move so that you aren’t bringing unnecessary furniture/belongings to your new home. Hint: use Facebook marketplace or Facebook groups for easy selling/giving in Monmouth County.

1 Week Before Moving Checklist

  1. Change your address – When moving into a home, be sure that your mail moves along with you! Your work, your bank, Amazon deliveries, etc. will all need to know your new location

Don’t buy new food – This is the time for all the leftovers and perishable in the kitchen! Your eggs in the fridge won’t survive the move so it’s time to eat them or they have to go to waste.