If you are going through a home inspection for buyers, it can be pretty intimidating. I often have people ask me what the questions to ask when buying a house checklist is. That’s why I decided to finally put together the real estate house inspection guide online! So if you are going to have a house inspection, here is what you need to know.

What to look for in a home inspection

When you go to a home inspection, you should be doing your own searching. Even if you have a home inspector, it’s important to look out for yourself.

Questions to ask when buying a house checklist:

  • How many times has the home been sold to date? This is such a great question to find out if there’s some “below the surface” issues. Nothing is a bigger red flag than constant changes in homeowners.
  • What has been updated, modified, or replaced since the home was built? New roof? New plumbing? This is especially important to ask when buying an older home. 
  • Is there paperwork or other documentation on repairs and renovations done to the home?
  • What are the problems the house had in the past? This is a time to hear about drafty windows, squeaky floorboards, etc.

New construction walk through checklist:

  • Look at every opening in the home. Every door and window should be checked for drafts, cracks, and functionality. 
  • Ceilings! Be sure that you thoroughly look at ceilings- even if it hurts your neck. Be sure that caulking looks smooth, there’s no signs of water damage, and that there is no cracking.
  • Make sure that flooring is leveled. You shouldn’t see any unevenness or wood flooring that is warping.  

What is a home inspection

Now that you know your checklists and what you need to look for, let’s back up. How does a home inspection work? Here is the basics of how a real estate home inspection operates. 

Home inspections are meant to give home buyers a sense of security in their purchase before they finally purchase a home. A home inspection gives potential buyers the chance to really look into every nook and cranny of a home. There’s a lot of aspects to a house that you simply will never be able to see from photos listed online.

What does a home inspector do

A home inspector is a professional that specializes in investigating a home’s integrity. A reliable home inspector is vital when looking to buy a home. Inspectors know what to look for when inspecting a house. So what do inspectors look for? Inspectors will look at the structural elements of a home, plumbing, HVAC, safety, and more. What makes home inspectors so important is their knowledge of wiring safety, electrical conditions, and more. There’s a certain issue that just will not be obvious to the average home buyer.

What does a home inspection cover

So exactly what is checked during a home inspection? This is super important to know because it affects your personal home inspection questions. Home inspectors will not look for pests, asbestos, lead paint, and air quality. These are what to look for during home inspection. If you are concerned about any of the things to look for during home inspections and aren’t satisfied with the answers you are given, it might be worth bringing in a specialist to take a look. It is better to have a thorough inspection and not cut corners than to buy a home with substantial problems.