Are you considering moving to Freehold, New Jersey, but don’t know what to expect? In this episode of Monmouth Redefined, I’m going to share ten things you need to know about living in Freehold before you pack your bags. We’ll look at everything from zip codes to taxes so you’ll be best prepared to make your move.

#1: Freehold Township And Freehold Borough

Freehold, New Jersey is an amazing place to live, and it’s honestly one of my favorite towns within Monmouth County. My office is located right here and much of my business is also done here in Freehold. If you’re looking to move to the area, there are several things I would like you to know—starting with the town itself.

The first thing that you need to know and understand about Freehold, New Jersey is that it’s actually broken into two sections: Freehold Township and Freehold Borough. Both of them share the same zip code, but living in each area is much different. Freehold Borough is much smaller at less than two square miles and is known for its Hispanic and Latino population. The Borough is truly known for its sense of diversity and community.

Freehold Township, on the other hand, is much larger. We can actually break Freehold Township down into two sections. There’s East Freehold, which is closer to Route 18 and borders Colts Neck and Marlboro. Then we also have West Freehold, which is closer to Route 9 and borders Howell and Jackson Townships.

#2: The Freehold Regional High School District

The second thing you need to know about Freehold is that both Freehold Township and Freehold Borough are part of the Freehold Regional High School District. This is the largest public district in the state of New Jersey and serves children in 9th through 12th grades. It places high importance on student performance and staff accountability.

Within the district, there are 14 specialized magnet programs that students can apply for—although the admission process is very competitive. If the student is selected, they have the opportunity to pursue their interests and passions within that program. More than 87% of students go on to pursue higher education at some of the most prestigious colleges in the nation.

There are six towns that are part of the Freehold Regional High School District. Those are Freehold Township, Freehold Borough, Manalapan, Marlboro, Howell, and Colts Neck.

#3: Beautiful Beaches

Living here in Freehold, you are so close to some of the most beautiful beaches within 20 to 25 minutes. You can hop in your car and be at Belmar, Bradley Beach, Ocean Grove, or Asbury Park. During the summer and even parts of the spring and fall, you can take advantage of these gorgeous beaches because you live so close.

#4: Delicious Restaurants

Some of the best restaurants within Monmouth County are located right here in Freehold. One of my favorites is Tommy’s, located right off Route 9 in West Freehold. They have amazing sushi, great burgers, a variety of pizzas, and other very unique dishes. Anytime you go there, you will likely find it’s going to be packed.

The Borough has a row of restaurants up and down Main Street. There’s the Metropolitan Café, American Hotel, Solo Trattorio, and Federici’s, a family-owned Italian restaurant for the locals that love their pizza.

#5: Family-Friendly Entertainment

Number five on the list is Freehold is a great place to live when it comes to entertaining your children. If it’s cold or rainy outside, iPlay America is located right in Freehold. This is an indoor amusement park with rides, games, bowling, virtual reality, and a restaurant inside. The kids love it there.

If the weather is nice outside—especially in the summer—Six Flags Great Adventure is in Jackson Township, which is only about 15 to 20 minutes away depending on where you live in Freehold. This offers kids both an amusement park and a waterpark. Many of the locals get season passes, and that gives you access to both the amusement park and the waterpark year-round.

#6: Shopping

Freehold has a mall, so if you love to shop like I do, you’ll be happy to know that we have the Freehold Raceway Mall located right here in Freehold Township.

#7: Freehold Raceway Track

The Freehold Raceway Track is a half-mile track located in the Borough. It has been hosting horse racing since the 1830s and is the oldest racecourse in the country.

#8: Bruce Springsteen

Number eight is a very interesting fact: Bruce Springsteen actually grew up and lived in many different homes throughout Freehold Borough. In fact, in many of his songs, Bruce Springsteen refers to the homes he grew up in and the places he went to within the Borough.

They also just announced that the old fire station on Main Street is going to be turned into a Bruce Springsteen Museum, which is supposed to be ready sometime in 2024.

#9: Commuting To NYC

If you are traveling or commuting to New York City, you’re going to want to know the commute time frames and your options. Traveling from Freehold, it’s going to take you roughly 60 to 75 minutes, depending upon where you live in Freehold. Most residents opt to take the bus because there are many locations within and around Freehold where you can pick up the bus.

While you do have access to the train station, the closest train station is going to be the Aberdeen-Matawan train station, depending on where you live in Freehold. Getting to the Aberdeen-Matawan train station is going to take you 20 to 25 minutes to get there and pick up the train to New York City.

You also have the option of the Belford Waterway ferry, but again, it’s a further drive because it’s located in Middletown. While it’s more expensive to take the ferry, it definitely is an enjoyable way to travel or commute to New York City.

#10: Taxes

Last but not least is taxes. We all know New Jersey has one of the highest property taxes in the country. However, Freehold is only rated 135 in taxes out of 165 other towns within New Jersey. So although the taxes aren’t cheap, they’re definitely better than many other parts within New Jersey.

Make Freehold Your Home

I hope this video helps you understand the ten things you need to know about Monmouth County. If you still have further questions, are considering moving to the area, or if you live in the area and want to sell, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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