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Gregg Suppa – Suppa Home Inspections

Suppa Home Inspections is an authentic New Jersey family business. Greg Suppa and his sons take pride in being a small business that can offer their clients uncommon and exceptional service.

Greg Suppa has worked in the field of home improvement and inspection for over two decades and has owned his own business for over six years. While working as a machinist foreman for the New York Times, Greg tried his hand at buying and selling property. He became intrigued by the field of home inspection and, after doing some research, decided to open his own business.

The majority of Suppa Home Inspections’ clients are homeowners who are looking to sell. But the business also offers services including mold inspection and radon testing. Greg encourages his clients to walk through their homes with him so that he can explain the inspection process to them firsthand, while also answering any questions and addressing concerns that they may have. Above all else he wants his clients to have peace of mind. Suppa Home Inspections does everything it can to provide its clients with a deep understanding of the value and condition of their homes before they hit the market.

Greg and his family understand how difficult a process selling a home can be, which is why they go out of their way to make the inspection process as painless as possible. They offer inspections on nights and weekends to be as accommodating as possible. Suppa Home Inspections also offers a free 90-Day Warranty and a free appliance recall check with every home inspection, as well as a unique 200 percent satisfaction guarantee.

“If you’re not happy with my inspection, I will reimburse you the money from my inspection and pay for another home inspector to inspect your home,” Greg says with pride.

Greg’s confidence comes from his years of experience providing professional and thorough inspections to New Jersey residents. He’s seen it all in the last 20 years, and he hopes to pass on that knowledge to his sons. Suppa Home Inspections is a shining example that there are still successful family-run businesses in New Jersey.

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