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Back in 1992, I first moved from New York City to New Jersey. I live in Manalapan, New Jersey with my husband Davin, my children Nicholas and Gabriella and my dog Tahlulah. All of us have our own Physician, Dentist, Lawyers, Optometrist, and even our own Hair Stylist. But yet the majority of people do not have their very own Real Estate agent. I want to be your very own Real Estate Agent. I want to be someone that you can count on not just for today, not just for one sale or purchase. I want to be someone you can count on for a lifetime.

Real Estate – Monmouth County

The best realtor in Monmouth County is the only one who can give the best advice on homes for sale in Monmouth County. And what about selling a home in Monmouth County? I talk about everything you could need to know about New Jersey Real Estate as a home buyer or seller. I am honest, straight to the point and always hyper-local talking about Freehold NJ, Manalapan NJ, and Marlboro NJ.

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Real Estate Agent Manalapan

Professional Realtor Advice in HomeLight

Manalapan Realtor provides professional insight as to why listing a home by Memorial Day weekend is so important for Real Estate in Manalapan New Jersey.

Home Listing Advice in Inside Edition

Manalapan Real Estate Agent gives insight on how to get an excellent deal on home buying in Manalapan New Jersey.

Feature Story in Top Agent Magazine

Highly recommended realtor, Melissa DeSantis  discusses what it takes to be a successful realtor. She describes herself as a “more than full-time” real estate agent.

Guest on Property Players Podcast

Melissa DeSantis talks with Property Players Podcast about her experiences working as an agent, and also navigating family life with her career. She speaks on social media and how it has affected the real estate industry, among a few other topics.

 Monmouth County Realtor Helping Monmouth County

Being a top realtor in Monmouth County means being there for Monmouth County New Jersey. That is something that I take very seriously. Which is why I have made it easier than ever to stay connected. I make sure that I have something for everyone in every step of their journey. Doesn’t matter if you are a Freehold New Jersey home buyer hoping to learn more about finding the right real estate agent. Or maybe you are a Manalapan New Jersey Mom looking for something fun to do with your family of four this weekend. Or maybe your a Marlboro New Jersey business owner looking to connect with more locals. No matter what, I have something for you! I am always creating new content that educates people on local real estate markets, promoting local community events and giving tons of local insights. Be sure to check out my social media platforms to stay up to date on Monmouth County New Jersey

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Youtube How to pick a real estate agent in Freehold NJ? How to sell a home in Colts Neck NJ? If you have real estate questions, I have the answers. I cover TONS of topics that anyone looking to buy or sell a home in Monmouth County needs to know. Don’t worry- you don’t need any background knowledge to get started. It’s super casual and easy to follow so that anyone can start learning about Monmouth County real estate.

Facebook  This is a great place to keep up to date about all that’s going on with local real estate. I post about homes coming to the market, houses that are just listed, and -of course- sold homes! Will I be posting about your home being sold soon? Click here to schedule a call if you’re interested!

Instagram Manalapan Realtor AND Manalapan Mom! Follow my journey as a working mom in Monmouth County. I post tons of home keeping tips, (that are ACTUALLY realistic!) things to do in the local community and all about life in New Jersey!