Sold a home in Freehold
At the time we decided it was time to move on after 39 years, my wife and I had an enormous amount of apprehension about what and how to proceed. The only thing we were sure of was that we wanted to live closer to and enjoy our grandchildren’s growing years and redeem all that we had put into making this our home. We immediately decided that to us the process was personal and not just selling the house, but giving up all the things that we had put into it over the years. From the business side we did not and would not ask a close friend or relative to represent our efforts. Throughout the process, we did have to make certain decisions that clearly had to done objectively. Melissa helped us through those periods. We don’t take the ratings we give Melissa lightly. She was readily available to answer any questions or listen to all of our concerns. You will find this process incredibly complicated. Melissa got us through those periods of time by listening to our reasons for certain actions, as well as offering suggestions to help support them. She did not just try to sell our house! She did follow through on all that she promised. Take the time to interview her before you move forward. You will be glad you did.